Where should I have my wedding, in a Banquet hall or in a Miami Farm venue?

Where should I have my wedding, in a Banquet hall or in a Miami Farm venue?

Miami Dade County and the area of Homestead, also known as Redlands, are known for their gorgeous scenery and thriving agriculture industry. However, they are also meccas for rustic or farm themed weddings. Whether you are planning a homely celebration with 20 guests or a huge company event with over 200 people, the natural beauty of the region can be found on display at all of these venues.

In the last decade several celebrities have celebrated their marriages with the more popular natural theme. The natural theme has increased in popularity due to the space available for the event and perhaps the most important reasons of all: the atmosphere, freedom, and tranquility that nature inspires.

In most Banquet halls, the number of guests is limited either by the hall’s small parking lot or the space available for the event. Cinco Farm doesn’t have that problem since it has an immense parking space with the capacity to fit up to three hundred guests. Cinco Farm also has long walkways leading from the parking area so that walking in heels would not be an issue for guests that wear heels.

The wedding day is one of the most important events of our lives so we must try to make it an unforgettable day. To make an unforgettable day happen we require the help of professionals. It is always advisable to check the reviews and comments of the venues and find venues with years of experience making events.

At the Cinco Farm Wedding Venue, you will find professionals with more than 15 years of experience making events happen.

An idyllic wedding destination, Cinco Farm sits in the historic Redlands of Miami just 30 miles from Miami International airport. Over five acres of beautiful open fields, gorgeous trees, hills, and flowers serve as the backdrop for a romantic farm wedding.

Charming and comfortable overnight accommodations for 6+ guests are available in our original farm house, The Creamery.