Garden Wedding Venues Miami

Garden Wedding Venues Miami

What To Look For in a Garden Wedding Venue?

You’ve now gotten the ring, so it’s time to plan for your special day. With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose which type of venue would be right for you. When you want something enchanting to set the mood for your special day, a garden wedding is always a good choice. A garden wedding gives the couple and their guests an incredibly unique experience of being in a beautiful setting in nature to watch two people join their lives together.

Using a natural canvas as part of your wedding theme is something many modern couples are gravitating towards. It gives them an experience outside of their daily lives living in the city to have a loving experience around a colorful, abundant garden. A romantic environment with lush flowers and plants creates a wedding day that is all about new beginnings. You get the best of both worlds of connecting with nature and the one you’re going to marry.

There are many ways that you can play on the theme of having a garden wedding venue, from the invitations that you choose to send to the dresses of your bridal party. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for your garden wedding.

1. Pick the Right Season

When you’re looking at garden wedding venues South Florida or just “garden wedding venues“, keep in mind the time of year you’re scheduling your wedding. If you’re touring the venue in April for a wedding in November, you need to keep in mind that seasonally the venue will look different. While most gardens have something to offer throughout the year, expect it to look a bit different for each season. If you’re looking for a more traditionally lush look with various colors of flowers and birds singing in the trees, then springtime is definitely your best bet. But if you’re into more reds, yellows, and oranges, then a fall garden wedding will be right for you. You can find a way to celebrate love and nature with any season when you choose a garden wedding.

2. Be Aware of Uninvited Guests

Now, when I say this, I don’t mean of the human variety. The uninvited guests in question are mosquitos, flies, ants, and bees. Since you are in nature, there can sometimes be some friends who consider the venue that the wedding is being held at their home. Although Cinco Farms does our very best to provide routine pest control, bugs can still happen. This is why it’s always helpful to have some bug spray and candles handy to keep the little critters at bay. You can also touch base with the site manager and caterer to make sure everything is organized before the big day so you won’t have to worry about a bunch of buzzing ruining your vows.

3. Plan for the Weather

You don’t have much control over whether or not it just so happens to rain on your wedding day. For so people, that’s a sign of good luck, but you also want to be prepare, so it doesn’t end up putting a damper, no pun intended, on your special day. Make sure that the venue you choose is prepared with canopies, pop-up tents, heated lamps, and umbrellas, so you’re able to handle any weather that comes your way. You can’t always predict the weather, but you can have a plan on how you’ll deal with certain circumstances. Having a garden wedding allows you to be one with nature, but a high-quality venue will give you the right tools to stay warm and comfortable during that time.

In Conclusion

Garden wedding venues are great places to have a ceremony if you’re looking for something a bit more emotional and intimate. You can add more to the space by having tree centerpieces and clear tents that allow your guests to get a good view of being under the tree and the stars during the reception. A garden space can make any night feel more magical with various plants and flowers like you’re in a beautiful fairy tale. With all these tips at the front of your mind, you must find a venue that can meet your needs and work with you on making this one of the best days of your life. Cinco Farms in Miami is attentive to bringing all the details of your wedding into reality to make sure that you have the magical night you’ve been dreaming about. Cinco Farm is one of the best garden wedding venues in Miami that works hard to give every couple an unforgettable and romantic experience that their whole family will enjoy and find beauty in.