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Best Wedding Barn Venues Inventory – Cinco Farm Creative Ideas

Wedding decorations are considered one of the most advantageous farm wedding ideas and the most noticeable attraction of your special day. Take advantage of the unique option for couples getting married at our venue “something borrow” to use many barn wedding Miami decors available at Cinco Farm on their wedding date. This will help create a great ambiance. Please note that these items are not available for rent at any of the other wedding barn venues and cannot be taken outside of our venue. Scroll down to see our inventory. Please note that availability is not guaranteed as many of these items are one of a kind that can be broken or accidentally taken. We will do our best to keep our inventory up to date but understand that it may slightly vary.

Decor Inventory for Barn Wedding Miami

Please read instructions:

Review inventory closely and add it to your list, only items you are sure you will utilize on your wedding day. 

Once you submit the list, this cannot be changed. 

You must submit your selection 21 days before your wedding date.


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