Wedding Food that Wows

Wedding Food that Wows

Wedding food may be tricky—you want to balance that fine line between choosing the right meal for your wedding meals. Setting a simple country style buffet, rather than more elaborated meal will reduce drastically the wedding cost. The meal is one of the most important factors of a wedding and this should be a wow. Either if you have the biggest or the smallest wedding budget. If your wedding budget is limited try to choose tasty food where people can be serve in a buffet style. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Tell your guest on your wedding website or invitation what will be served on your wedding date and time line so they can be prepare and knowable on what to expect. You can also cut down food and drink expenses by taking photography way before the ceremony. Cocktail hour’s primary purpose is to keep guests occupied while the wedding party poses for photos.

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If you can have this done way before the ceremony you can save extra money by cutting all the cocktail expenses. Appetizers can be pricey mostly because of its detail presentation, with that being said you can greatly take advantage of venues where outside food is allowed where you can bring family and friend’s contribution, supermarket off-the-shelf appetizers, like shrimp, cheese table, crackers, etc. If you are very specific with your meal preferences flavor or pricing budget friendly catering write off venues that require In-House catering. For extra savings stick to two Entrée options. Order takeout from a restaurant can be so inexpensive and they should be able to facilitate catering for approximately 200 guest easily. Don’t pay menu prices without negotiating first, many restaurants will be happy to help you with a large order. Lastly don’t be afraid to include innovative menus rather than traditional to your wedding menu, if you do something unique and special that your guest will only eat at your wedding will be forever remember. Cinco Farm wedding venue has partnered with a well-known catering company in the Miami area, creating the Redland’s menu that will be offered only in the area and that will contain local farm raised in the Redlands, Homestead area. Creating a great experience for your guest that are coming out of the area to taste the freshened of the local grown food without being exposed to long transportation periods and conservatives.

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