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Cinco Farm is among vintage wedding venues you didn’t think you would ever find. The one where you can have your dream wedding look, intimate and affordable at the same time. At Cinco Farm, you can have the trendiest furniture and decor for your wedding at no extra cost. This is more than a thousand dollars saving!

A Team That Really Cares About Your Special Day

We understand the importance of a wedding date and that is why our experienced team is eager to help couples through the process because we know you don’t get a “Do-over”. Our Redlands farm staff and team have been doing special events since 2009. Through the past 10 years we have helped couples. That is the reason why it is easy for us to give our very best.

Venue + Vendors – Affordable Options

At Cinco Farm, we want to Make it as simple as possible. We don’t have a minimum guest count requirement or food minimum consumption. You can make your event as upscale or casual as you have imagined. Additionally, we have partnered with exclusive caterers and wedding professionals to easy the process. Venue prices and vendors information can be found here. There are no surprises, hidden fees, tax, service charge or charge for using our decor inventory.

Easy Process of Redlands Farm Wedding

A Redlands farm wedding can be overwhelming. However, we have tried our best to keep it as simple and transparent as possible. With all the information needed on our website as no hidden fees pricing, FAQs, available dates, partnered vendors who know the logistic of the venue and staff available to answer emails quickly to help you. We provide you with the least stressful weddings.

Wedding Decor Products Included for Free

You won’t find any other vintage wedding venues in Miami which offer so much decor inventory as Cinco Farm. Large ceremony pieces, including faux floral, arbors, chuppah, barrels archways, centerpieces, charger plates, candle holders, displays and much more. Available products can be seen online so there is no guessing on what is available for you to use.

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